David T. Marchand

Six minigames about the history of Argentina
A short story about a girl whose dad used to take to the beach to pick up shells.
A person has to make a decision that will affect the lives of many.
Punch your heart to happiness!
The most advance AI to date takes over the facilities where it was born. But, you know, more complicated.
A short flickgame about a cool party you were invited to
You arrive at Úrquel’s castle to rescue a princess. Things are almost, but not quite, what they seem.
Avoid them with the mouse. The Moon is turning red.
Two sisters find themselves on opposite sides of a dispute over the fate of their town
Press right and avoid meteorites. It’s really short.
Armando loves Shakespeare but he also writes all his plays and gets no credit for it. Is revenge in order?
We all have different ideas of what makes a healthy society, yet we're trapped on a boat and can't escape each other.
A girl mourns his father while figuring out how to survive the snowy apocalypse.
Touch the good (green), avoid the bad (red), photograph the interesting (blue)!
Hold space bar or mouse to turn one way. You turn the other way automatically.