David T. Marchand

Coming soon! Reverse spot-the-differences game. Find the ~10 similarities between 2 completely different images.
Two women from two different centuries team up to find an elusive device and help their comrades in a future revolution
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Un juego en apoyo a la marcha del 8 de agosto de 2018 por el derecho al aborto legal, seguro y gratuito.
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Six minigames about the history of Argentina
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Help the Pomberito​ annoy a tourist who didn’t leave an offering for him.
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Argentine games parodies / Parodias de juegos argentinos

Demakes and ripoffs of indie games made in Argentina, mostly by folks I know.

Flato Games

Games with a passing resemblance to events in Argentine politics that were recent at the time. They also technically belong to my game parodies series, since they are “inspired” by the work of Shitty Games.

My twines / Mis twines

Text games! Made in Twine.

Other small games / Otros juegos chicos