The monotony of carrots


Wake up, eat carrots, go to sleep, repeat. Life's always been like this, but there must something more to it all.  Maybe today you'll find out.

The original comp version was made in 3 hours for the Space Bunny Jam 2019. I put in a few more hours and finished this version, which I quite like (and it's playable in Spanish).


Despertarse, comer zanahorias, irse a dormir, repetir. Las cosas siempre fueron así, pero debe haber algo más en la vida. Quizá hoy lo descubras.

La versión original fue creada en 3 horas para la Space Bunny Jam 2019. Después de ponerle un par de horas terminé esta versión, que me gusta bastante (y que está jugable en castellano).


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Love plot twists!

Thank you! I worked hard at making it look as real as possible.


i'm {shk} shooketh {shk}

Good. It is all as I planned.



I didn't expect that


Literally the response I was looking for when I developed it.