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I love the concept and a lot of the content is really funny and well written. I hope not to hurt any feelings when I say this, but... the narration is really bad. Really could have done without it; it takes away from the overall experience of the game. I found I had to mute altogether, which was a bummer because I really like the background music.

It won't load. Advice?

Strange! It loads just fine on my end. You could try a different browser, or a different device (going to on any laptop, tablet, or phone should load the game).


I love this game's humor! Props to you creator and the voice is pretty soothing <3

Aw thank you!

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Hey developers  you game is amazing I really loved the concept art, background  music!! Mostly I enjoy it when narrative in this game was speaking!! Really cool game you guys made!! Keep up the good work and good luck your guys new upcoming project!! I recommend every one to check this game!! Check out my full review if you guys loved what i do subscribe to your boi and continue watching your boii. Thanks love a lot guys!!


Dude, thank you so much!


no problem brotha anytime


This is cute, it has lots of personality and got me interested in the universe. I was gonna say that there's not a lot of content but there's probably plenty in Element:Space.


Hey thanks! Yeah, the other game has tons of extra story. It's just more “fate of the galaxy” related.