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Cool and fun game, I loved it!!! Greetings from Brazil! :D

Thank you!


All I want is for Arthur to hug me and tell me encouraging things and say I have a strong character

Awww you absolutely do! And if Arthur weren't so disciplined about social distancing, I'm sure he'd be hugging you right now.


Bro, this is friggin cool! good job, great art. Wish it was longer, though! I want more!!


Thank you so much! We're considering some new projects in the same vein, but we can't promise anything.

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Wow, this really is a cut above the usual smut offers in the romance section. Colour me impressed!

Historian <3


I am troubled by your username and thankful for your comment!


I am not entirely surprised, but I am pleased you can still take the compliment regardless :)

Anarcho-francoism, is like anarcho-falangism but with a free market economy, catholic social values and no anti-semitism.

Personally I am a great fan of Franco, and feel he is one the most defamed people in history: basically nothing that is taught about him nowadays holds up to scrutiny. The socialists were destroying the country and needed to be brought in-line. I wish we would get a new Franco that would lead Spain to exit the EU and become a great nation again.

Is too interesant, but it has a bug with the audio, sometimes the audio don´t play.


was that the sherlock bbc music during one of the dates?? because the timing of the music was seriously hilarious, it made me chuckle

anyways, awesome game with lots of character, and i personally rlly liked the narration

Thank you so much!


Argentina contra Alemania en 2014. Brillante.


I love the concept and a lot of the content is really funny and well written. I hope not to hurt any feelings when I say this, but... the narration is really bad. Really could have done without it; it takes away from the overall experience of the game. I found I had to mute altogether, which was a bummer because I really like the background music.

It won't load. Advice?

Strange! It loads just fine on my end. You could try a different browser, or a different device (going to on any laptop, tablet, or phone should load the game).


I love this game's humor! Props to you creator and the voice is pretty soothing <3

Aw thank you!

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Hey developers  you game is amazing I really loved the concept art, background  music!! Mostly I enjoy it when narrative in this game was speaking!! Really cool game you guys made!! Keep up the good work and good luck your guys new upcoming project!! I recommend every one to check this game!! Check out my full review if you guys loved what i do subscribe to your boi and continue watching your boii. Thanks love a lot guys!!


Dude, thank you so much!


no problem brotha anytime


This is cute, it has lots of personality and got me interested in the universe. I was gonna say that there's not a lot of content but there's probably plenty in Element:Space.


Hey thanks! Yeah, the other game has tons of extra story. It's just more “fate of the galaxy” related.